Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl

Author: MOCHIZUKI Minetaro
Artist: MOCHIZUKI Minetaro
Synopsis: This is a story of love, betrayal, guns, sex, action, all the good stuff. Samehada Kuro (Samehada means "Shark Skin") is a womanizer on the run from a group of thugs after stealing a hefty sum from them. After being chased in a forest by a man named Tanuki, he runs into Momojiri Toshiko (Momojiri means "Peach Hip"), an ordinary office lady who's never been in a relationship. She works for her crazed uncle who just happens to have a thing for her. Together they form a duo as they attempt to run away from these thugs and get away from their current lives. A fast-paces, action packed thrill ride.