Setting Up to Fail

Author: MORITA Masanori
Artist: MORITA Masanori
Synopsis: A collection of seven short stories and a collection of color pages from Rokudenashi Blues from Morita Masanori's career. - Suberu o Itowazu (Setting Up to Fail) A story of two stand-up comedians preparing to participate in a school festival. - Bachi-Atari Rock The pilot oneshot that would eventually lead to the creation of the one volume series under the same name, Bachi-Atari Rock. - Let's Spend The Night Together The story of Tatsumi Shindo, a wrestler coming from a Yakuza family. While he has no interest of having the life of a Yakuza, Tatsumi is stuck having his matches watch by his father and the rest of the yakuza and scaring his opponents. - Jumpin' Jack Flash - Synchronicity - Mysterious Kid - Stay Here
Volume 01